Programming and Game Design

Bronze: I can make a simple game with a purpose

Bronze: I can edit my game to improve it

Silver: I can explain why I have included certain features within my game

Silver: I can evaluate other games and explain how they could be improved

Gold: I can edit existing code and make predictions about what will happen

Gold: I can test, edit and refine my code independently


2Do It Yourself (2DIY) – Installed on the PC. Website.

1 Lesson Plan – Using 2DIY to create a Jigsaw puzzle

Website – Useful Ways to use 2DIY

Website – 2DIY Archive

Example – Creating jigsaw puzzles in 2DIY

Example – A platform game created by a Y1 child using 2DIY

Guide – How to use the different icons in 2DIY

Scratch – Free. Download

Video Guide – Scratch in Under Ten Minutes

Helpsheet – Whack-a-witch activity from CodeClub (sign-up, get lots of Scratch resources and activities)


Kodu – Free. Download. Microsoft XNA and .net Framework required.


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